Color Card Winding Machine

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Color Card Winding

Model : True Match RCC 05

Reshmi colour card winder is specially designed for winding colour cards for the photo spectrometer of computer colour matching systems. The machine is equipped with several features that ensure an accurate colour match:

color card winder machine

Features & Specifications:

  • Option to vary coil thickness and number of traverse helps achieve higher accuracy.
  • The Ac motor and the stepper motor aid in achieving accurate coiling.
  • A complete Oil free working environment eliminates the risk of oil contamination.

Technical Specification
Model True Match RCC 05
Capacity 2 or 4 Cards
Main Motor Power 25 W
Stepper Motor Power 200 W
Dimension (LxWxH) 910 x 450 x 400 (mm)
Weight 50 Kg
Winding Type Paralell
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