Paper Tube Making Machine

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Paper Tube Making Machine

Model: RTM

Reshmi Paper tube makning machine produces paper tubes of 64 mm to 70 mm in length and a bore size of 9 mm to 10 mm for the sewing thread industry. It is equipped with a pneumatic label sucking device and an automatic cutting device affixing labels and to cut the tubes of accurate dimensions. The machine produces 3 tubes in one doffing.

paper tube making machine

Technical Specification
Model RTM
Installed Electric Power 0.33 hp (or) 0.24 kw
Length of the Cop 64 mm to 70 mm
Bore Dia 9 to 10 mm
Production 90 Tubes/Minute
Paper Requirement 100 to 110 gsm Kraft paper for Tubes
Floor Space (LxWxH) Poster paper for labels
270 x 125 x 135 (cms)
Weight 1000 Kgs
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