Now you can wind any winding ratio at any time – even in a single package.

Why would you want to do so?
Precision winding is clearly the best choice for achieving controlled density. Whether it is for soft dye package winding or for high-density assembly winding – precision winding will be technologically superior to random winding.

However, pure precision winding is not the ultimate in winding possibilities.

Have you ever noticed how yarn tends to bunch up in the center of empty tubes when you commence winding a fresh package? With dynaflex you can avoid this, as you can program a very tight coiling for the first couple of layers that will not slip toward the middle of the tube. The benefit of this will become immediately apparent during unwinding, for instance on a TFO machine: absolutely no sloughing off when you reach the last hundred or so yards.

Everybody knows how pure precision-wound packages tend to bulge after winding. Not with dynaflex, as this enables you to wind a slightly looser winding ration in the middle of the package.

If there is one advantage that random-wound packages have over their precision-wound counterparts, it’s stability. That’s because of the steeper angle formed by the yarn on random-wound cones or cheeses. With dynaflex, your precision winder can emulate a random pattern. Useful, for instance, if you have to transport your precision-wound soft dye packages from the winder to the dye house: simply program your RESHMI dynaflex winder to finish the outer layers of your cheeses with a faux random pattern.

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