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Pre Application Model

Model : RPAW - P

Concept & Design:

Single Spindle Drive and Bi-rotor traverse system- The thread laying is done by a counter rotating propeller system; reduces the risk of yarn hairiness. High quality stainless steel precision blades, customised with proprietary surface treatment, ideal for coarse yarns. Self cleaning design needs no additional ventilation.

Features & Specifications:

Reshmi Pre application winder- Features an easily programmable touch screen central control system. The winding parameters can be stored centrally and can be easily reproduced, saving valuable production time. Single-spindle individual drives ensures only active spindles utilise power and there is no yarn breakage in the event of restarting the machine.

Wide back pressure allows full control of the package density and content for maximum package efficiency.

Sectional design allows the machine to be expanded to a maximum of 96 spindles as per requirement.

An optional Dynaflex system offers Step precsion, pure precision and random winding patterns on demand.

Rugged PLC Controller system or Microcontroller system with preloaded standard features.

The optional online lubrication system (for hot & cold lubrication) consists of the central lubrication container with stirring and heater provisions wherever required to avoid the solidification and to ensure even viscosity of wax based lubricants throughout the winding process. The option to adjust the lick roller speed helps you vary the liquid lubricant consumption thereby minimising wastage.

Technical Specification
Model RPAW - P
Yarn Type Short and long - staple spun yarns made from natural and manmade fibre
Frame Welded box-section steel frame, with bolted-on sub-frames and running gear, Single sided
Size 4 spindles minimum, 96 spindles maximum
Creel On-board, height adjustable for feed packages up to 280 mm dia
Drive Individual spindle drive
Speed 1,400 m/min mechanical, practical speed according to the feed package
Take-up Cylindrical packages upto 280 mm dia
Traverse 150 mm (other traverses on request)
Installed Power 186 W per spindle
Consumed Power 130 W per spindle
Drive type Through-the-spindle package drive
Traverse System Bi-rotor (counter-rotating blades) system with stainless steel blades; pure precision winding system
Type of lubrication Synthetic base, wax base
Hot or cold lubrication
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