Random Winding System

Random Winding System

With its latest generation of Random Winding Machines, RESHMI has pushed the performance envelope of Drum Winders into the 21st century.

Thanks to a optimized winding geometry, RESHMI random-type winders offer

  • Lower tension peaks at the drum reversal points
  • Deeper placement of yarn in drum groove.

This allows for generally higher winding speeds without any sacrifice in yarn breakage rate and generally lower hairiness, due to the lower level of friction as a result of lower tension.

RESHMI has also pioneered the Constant Pressure Cradle System, whereby the cradle pressure is unaffected by the change in weight of the growing delivery package. This system has been successful that customers of even late-model European-brand winders have installed conversion kits supplied by RESHMI.

On RESHMI Random Assembly Winders, this same technology enables our customers to achieve package densities that are 10 to 15% higher than on any competitor’s machines, allowing for longer running time on their TFO machines between doffings.

RESHMI random winding machines are available as:

  • RESHMI HSCW-R High Speed Random Rewinder
  • RESHMI RAW-R Random Assembly Winder
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