Dye Soft Package Winder

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Dye Soft Package Winder

Model : RSPW - D

Reshmi Dye package winder (Random) accommodates various optional attachments to maximise the returns on your investment:

  • A Conveyor belt attachment to transport the delivery package to the collection bin, reduces the man power required for transportation.
  • Overhead traverse cleaner can be adopted for cleaning application.

random assembly winder

Reshmi Dye package winder’s efficient, ergonomic design significantly reduces man power, space requirement and physical strain during operation as opposed to a conventional dye package machine. Engineered with high operating speeds in mind the sturdy sheet metal structure is stable even at higher speeds.

  • Equipped with Microprocessor Control system for quick response during operation, reduces the risk of machine failure or drum stoppage exponentially.
  • The overfeed system ensures error free unwinding of the supply package and delivers even tension yarn to the delivery package.
  • The Ribbon breaking feature avoids pattern zone formation in fine and medium yarn during the winding process.
  • The shogging motion system reduces the shore hardness.
  • The provision for Electronic Yarn Clearer – Accommodates any braded EYC
  • The machine offers a high degree of versatility, it can be adopted for various applications like soft package winding, rewinding, assembly winding and lubrication winding (Pre application winding).

Technical Specification
Model RSPW - D
Yarn Type Short and long - staple spun yarns made from natural and manmade fibre
Frame Welded box-section steel frame, with bolted-on sub-frames, double sided
Size 12 spindles minimum, 120 spindles maximum
Drive Individual motor per spindle, sectional / individual inverter drive (Optional)
Speed 1,200 m/min mechanical, practical speed according to the feed package
Take-up • Cylindrical packages upto 280 mm dia
• Spring cheese
• Perforated cheese
• Multiflex cheese
• Perforated cone
Traverse 6" standard (8” optional)
Installed Power 100 W per spindle
Consumed Power 60 W per spindle
Tension bracket Motorised tension device with adjustable disc tensioner
Optional Over Feed System
Shogging Motion Motor with gear box 0.5 hp upto 60 drums, 1 hp upto 120 drums
Ribbon Breaker Electronic
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