Random Assembly Winder

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Assembly winders precision

Model : RAW - D

Reshmi Assembly winder Random- Encompasses an array of features to optimise the winding process.

random assembly winder

Reshmi Assembly winder (Random) features a central machine control terminal for ease of operation and reproducible winding settings, saves valuable production time.

Single-spindle drive with individual motors ensure that only active spindles use power and eliminate the chances of the package damage in the event of restarting the machine (in case of yarn breakage), reducing the power consumption and wastage of raw material.

  • Individual Sectional control of winding parameters offers the flexibility to wind different varieties of yarn simultaneously.
  • Wide back-Pressure range and motorised tension device facilitates achieving highest package density and maximum TFO efficiency.
  • Electronic anti-patterning device ensures highest unwinding speed during TFO twisting.
  • Electronic sensors and cutters react immediately to missing single feed yarn.
  • Adjustable Creel lets you accommodate a variety of feed package sizes.
  • The ON-Board 2ply reel (and an optional 3ply reel) provides a controlled yarn path and ensures easy threading of the yarn.

Technical Specification
Model RAW - D
Yarn Type Short and long - staple spun yarns made from natural and manmade fibre
Frame Welded box-section steel frame, with bolted-on sub-frames and double sided
Size 12 spindles minimum, 120 spindles maximum
Creel 2 ply, 3 ply
Drive Individual motor per spindle, sectional / individual inverter drive (Optional)
Speed 1,200 m/min mechanical, practical speed according to the feed package
Take-up Cylindrical packages upto 280 mm dia (Optional - Cone package)
Ring doubling cheese
Traverse 6" standard (7" and 8" optional)
Installed Power 100 W per spindle
Consumed Power 60 W per spindle
Tension bracket Motorised tension device with adjustable disc tensioner
Cutter Central Cutter, electronically triggered
Ribbon breaker Electronic
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