Rewinder Cone Winder - Random Model

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Rewinder / Cone Winder

Model : RRW - D

rewinder cone winder

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Technical Specification
Model RRW - D
Yarn Type Short and long - staple spun yarns made from natural and synthetic fibre
Frame Welded box-section steel frame, with bolted-on sub-frames, double sided
Size 12 spindles minimum, 120 spindles maximum
Creel On-board, height adjustable
Drive Individual motor per spindle, sectional / individual inverter drive (Optional)
Speed 1,200 m/min mechanical, practical speed according to the feed package
Take-up Cylindrical packages upto 280 mm dia
Conicity 3 deg 30 mins, 4deg 20 mins, 5 deg 57 mins
Others optional.
Traverse 6" standard (7" and 8" optional)
Installed Power 100 W per spindle
Consumed Power 60 W per spindle
Tension bracket Motorised tension device with adjustable disc tensioner
Waxing Motorised waxing attachment as an optional supply
Ribbon breaker Electronic
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