Preci Thread Winder

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Preci Thread Winder

Model: PreciThread - CW

Reshmi Preci THREAD - Finish Winder for Industrial Sewing Thread The first “world winder” for industrial sewing thread make-up.

RESHMI Preci THREAD - high quality packages and flexible automation mean affordability

RESHMI Preci THREAD - consistent and reproducible package quality and outstanding 

  • Price - performance ratio.
  • Accurate yarn length
  • Precise yarn lay
  • Perfect package shape
  • Slit-drum traverse system
  • Choice of GRAF EcoLub or conventional lick roller lube application
  • Optional automatic doffing

pre application random model

Features & Specifications:

RESHMI Preci THREAD is a modular - design, new-generation finish winder with central electronic controls. Total flexibility. Based on modules with 6 winding positions each, this machine grows with your operations - up to 24 Spindles per machine set.

Total reproducibility. All winding parameters (speed, tension, lube application, Yarn length, etc.) are freely programmable, and all recipes are centrally stored and available for allocation to any individual spindle at any time.

Total precision. Reliable and non-wearing slit - drum traverse system allows high production speeds in tandem with excellent yarn lay and package build.

Total accuracy and economy. Precise lube application is either by means of lick roller or GRAF Single Lube system.

Totally future- proof. The automatic doffing system is optional and may be retro-fitted at any time, making the RESHMI Preci THREAD a future - proof investment.

Technical Specification
Model PreciThread - CW
No. of Spindles 4 per section, single side
Traverse Length 4”, 5”, 6”
Speed 1200m / min (constant yarn speed)
Yarn Spun and air textured sewing thread
Air 6 bar, Intermittent
Installed Power 250 W per spindle (excl. heating for lube)
Dimension (LxWxH) 1885 x 850 x 2590 mm
Weight I section: Net 500 Kg / Gross 750 Kg
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