Preci Tube Winder

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Preci Tube Winder

Model: APT

RESHMI Preci Tube is a high performance cops winder for the small make-ups. It combins a state-of-the art drive technology with funcationality and operational comfort of modern control concepts.

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Technical Specification
Model APT
Electric power and voltage 415 volt, 50 Hz, 3 phases, neutral line and earthing
Admits fluctuations in the voltage of +/- 5% (at the maximum)
Installed power 0.746 KW (per spindle)
Actual power consumption 0.300 KW(max)
Minimum air pressure 6 bar
Material Spun polyester and cotton
Yarn length/ package 300 mtrs
Winding Precision
RPM 10,000 (Approx)
Average winding speed Upto 6000m/min
Winding time 40 sec
Doffing time 8 sec
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